The Essence of an Effective Presentation

the ingredients for your next presentation

Nov 21, 2019

The Essence of an Effective Presentation

The 5Ps you have to know before your next presentation, interview, or any other public speaking.

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Punch on key points

Research shows that one will get distracted in not more than five minutes if he/she is listening to someone speaking in a monotone. Therefore, putting emotion, strength, emphasis and energy into your words is key in public speaking. One of the simple tactics to punch on your key points is to highlight words or phrases in your notes to remind yourself when to raise your inflection.

Pace your speech

If you speak either too quickly or too slowly, your audience is going to have a problem following what you are saying. In fact, it is natural that we tend to speed up our speech when we are nervous, stressed or excited. It is important to check your average words per minute during a presentation so that you know how far you are from the appropriate pace. Advanced presenters may vary your pace within your speech to keep your audience interested.

Put on a smile

Smiling not only helps connecting with your audience, but also makes you feel more comfortable and reduces your stress when you are delivering a speech. While maintaining a smile throughout your speech may be difficult, smiling at the beginning of your presentation creates a friendly impression and ending your speech with a smile leaves your audience with the lingering feeling that you enjoyed your topic.

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Present with eye contact

Everybody knows eye contact is very important in presentation. However, making eye contact especially if you are not used to it can be challenging. To master this skill, practice looking at the eyes of someone every time you talk with them. You can practice this in your daily conversations with your friends and family.

Project voice to far end

If you are talking to a large size of audience, make sure each and everyone of them hear your voice clearly. Instead of shouting, develop a habit of breathing from the diaphragm which is vital in voice projection. If you have visual aids, also make sure they are seen easily.

Last but not least

Practice always makes perfect. Record a presentation of yours and check out how well you are doing!