how could GuGu Bear help you present better?

an analytics tool that aims at improving your presentation skills

Nov 16, 2019

How could GuGu Bear help you present better?

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

There are hundreds of thousands of theories about making an effective presentation. Unlike high school examinations that students generally get good results if they are able memorize the contents of their textbooks, one cannot be an "A grade" presenter even he/she has read through all the theories and advice about speech delivery. Those who are seeking to excel in public speaking probably understand the only way to improve presentation skills is practice, but not many of them really think about how to practice effectively. And that is why GuGu Bear is in place.

Who is GuGu Bear?

GuGu Bear is a powerful presentation skills training buddy helping you understand your verbal and nonverbal behavior during a speech.

What can GuGu Bear do?

It looks into your speech rate, facial expression and eye contact. Within 2~3 minutes, it shows you basic metrics of your presentation and provides you recommendations.

Why GuGu Bear

When practicing speech, it is important to have someone spotting out our flaws. Otherwise the mistakes still exist after 100 times of practice as sometimes you are not even aware the problems. Moreover, it is hard for us to tell the performance of our practice.

GuGu Bear understands your frustration and it facilitates you to understand your incompetence by generating a report on your verbal and nonverbal behavior during a speech. Recommendations are also given to help you excel in your next presentation.

What's next?

It is suggested that people need 10,000 hours of practice to master a skill. Well, who can afford such a substantial amount of time for one single skill? Our analytical tools told us people do get a more satisfactory metric if they practice five times or more for one speech. Download the app to prepare for your next presentation.