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we aim at improving your presentation skills powered by latest EdTech and AI.

About GuGu Bear.

GuGu Bear is a powerful presentation skills training buddy who helps people understand their verbal and nonverbal conversational beahvior.

It enhances your delivery skills by looking into your speech rate, facial expression and eye contact.

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21 Nov
18 Nov

Other Services

Apart from providing analysis for individuals on mobile, GuGu Bear is also able to provide more through the use of latest EdTech and Artificial Intelligence.

Performance management

Best suited for the educational institutions and classrooms. Use of dashboard to summarize and report the performance of multiple presentations of one or many presenters.

Timeline analysis

Tailored made for professional presenters. Detailed analysis of key elements (i.e. words, volume, pitch, etc.) of a speech during the presentation.

Customized solution

Designed for corporates. To fulfill any special needs, sensitivity and frequency could be calibrated to analyze a specific group of presenters. (e.g. gender, age groups, etc.)

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding GuGu Bear, please send an email to us at contact@gugubear.tech. We look forward to hearing from you.